Newly discovered Roman Treasure

Written by Burravoe Staff on September 10, 2014

Last week it was announced that a wealthy Roman woman’s jewellery collection had been found in Colchester, buried in the floor of a house that was subsequently burnt to the ground during the Boudiccan Revolt in AD 61. A remarkable jewellery collection and reported to be one of the finest of its type to have been discovered in Britain, which included gold armlets, earrings and rings, together with silver chains.

The Inkerman Group (our parent company) was called in to assist in the protection and safe movement of the jewellery as it was transported to and from its secure location to the public venue at which the announcement of the finding was held. As well as the deployment of experienced security and close protection personnel providing physical protection, Inkerman tracking devices were also utilised so that the items could be tracked and monitored from the company’s 24/7 Operations Room here in Ashford, Kent.

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