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May 16, 2019

Africa Day

Africa Day might have passed largely unnoticed outside the continent on 25 May but African identity and ‘translation frustration’ are examined in https://bit.ly/2L63Ao9

Given that language somewhat shapes your identity, is there always going to be something ‘lost in translation’ when the main function is to communicate?

August 31, 2018

Samurai secrets translated into English

Samurai secrets from centuries ago have finally been revealed in English according to http://bit.ly/2tgy4yu.   Although the warrior class has long since disappeared, the code of honour still perpetuates romantic myths to this day.

June 27, 2017

The best-paying languages due to Brexit?

Research from a recruitment company suggests an increased demand for non-European languages in business over the last year.  Can UK-based Language Service Providers glean that they may also follow this trend http://bit.ly/2rYznxk where there are shortages in the Brexit labour market?

June 22, 2017

Translation of Hebrew work wins Man Booker International Prize 2017

The Man Booker International Prize, awarded to a work available in English translation, was awarded to Israeli author, David Grossman, and translator, Jessica Cohen on 14 June 2017.  Born in Essex, UK and growing up in Jerusalem, Israel, Cohen is a respected literary translator and takes an equal share of the £50,000 prize http://bit.ly/2rt6yxT.

June 15, 2017

New translation exhibition opens in Marseille

“The language of Europe is translation”, opined Umberto Eco in a speech in 1993, perhaps before the rise of Global English and the nationalist populism sweeping through the continent.  After Babel, Translate is a new exhibition which runs in Marseille until 20 March 2017 and examines the role of language, translation and misunderstanding in modern society.  Francophones may find details here:  http://www.mucem.org/en/node/4763

December 21, 2016

Hear “O Canada” in 12 languages

In a country more known for linguistic squabbling, Canada has marked 150 years of its confederation establishment with the translation of its anthem, ‘O Canada’ into the twelve most spoken languages in the country.  The first efforts of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s celebratory “Canada Mosaic” for 2017 can be viewed at  http://bit.ly/2fFQ9gM and is about “inclusivity, creativity and diversity”.

December 6, 2016

French language laws tighten again in Canada

With the continual tightening of French language laws in Québec (this next over signage on 24 November 2016), research suggests that one in five French-speakers actually stopped following a company online because it did not post enough content in their language. True localisation for a consumer (and indeed seller) means a web presence and the identification of keywords and search terms which take account of those nuances in Québecois as much as any language. Meanwhile the angry continue to march

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November 18, 2016

English translations set to stimulate business in Africa

OHADA (Organization for the Harmonisation of Business Law in Africa) is set to harmonise even further through the commencement of providing official English translations of its French-language Uniform Acts.  Following more than two years of pressure from Anglophone Common Law lawyers in Cameroon, progress appears to be forthcoming according to http://bit.ly/2e9Lod8.

October 26, 2016

Breakthrough Bake Off

Everyone enjoyed taking part in this year’s Breakthrough Bake Off. With such a high standard of baking, it was a hard decision for the judges but finally Nicola Cox was declared the winner!

Breakthrough Bake Off








October 21, 2014