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UK Specialists in Foreign Language Translations

Burravoe’s translation services are comprehensive and complete. We translate to and from all the major languages and use highly qualified translators who work in their mother tongue in specialist language fields.

Translators will only ever work in their native language to ensure the nuance, rhythm and meaning of the full original text, and once selected, a dedicated team remains with each client to maintain consistency in tone and style.

We never use machine translations. Our translators are real people who know and love their language, and can read, interpret and translate communications across all subjects and media styles.

Whilst we provide translation services in any field, we also have specific and valuable expertise in the following areas:

Intellectual Property & Patents
Manufacturing & Exports
Sales & Marketing
Health & Safety

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Proofreading Services

Burravoe has a team of professional proof-readers who ensure all translations are free of spelling, grammatical and linguistic errors.

Working closely with our translators and account managers, they check the translated material with the original text for omissions or mistranslations, whilst ensuring style and brand guidelines are met.

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