New translation exhibition opens in Marseille

“The language of Europe is translation”, opined Umberto Eco in a speech in 1993, perhaps before the rise of Global English and the nationalist populism sweeping through the continent.  After Babel, Translate is a new exhibition which runs in Marseille until 20 March 2017 and examines the role of language, translation and misunderstanding in modern society.  Francophones may find details here:

December 21, 2016

Hear “O Canada” in 12 languages

In a country more known for linguistic squabbling, Canada has marked 150 years of its confederation establishment with the translation of its anthem, ‘O Canada’ into the twelve most spoken languages in the country.  The first efforts of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra’s celebratory “Canada Mosaic” for 2017 can be viewed at and is about “inclusivity, creativity and diversity”.

December 6, 2016