ISO 27001 certificate awarded to The Inkerman Group

Written by Burravoe on December 23, 2013

ISO 27001 Registered Firm

Burravoe’s parent company, The Inkerman Group has been awarded the highly regarded ISO 27001 certificate - the internationally recognised standard for evaluating how securely an organisation manages and stores its information and data.

The Inkerman Group receives IS0 27001 certificate

Gerald Moor, CEO and Jill Watson, Group Executive Officer at The Inkerman Group receiving the ISO 27001 certificate

“Clearly, we are delighted to have achieved such a prestigious, internationally recognised accreditation. Due to the nature of the business the company conducts and the services we provide, the protection of our clients’ data and information is imperative to us. All our employees understand the importance of having an effective Information Security Management System that observes industry best practice and so we ensure that we meet the ISO 27001 criteria at all times. Given the nature and growth of our global client base, this international accreditation is essential.” adds Gerald Moor, CEO.

Due to the rise in sophisticated viruses and hacking threats ever increasing and as  technology continues to evolve, it is more important than ever that businesses and individuals review the security or their stored data, both cyber-based and hard copy, to prevent their intellectual property from falling into the wrong hands.

“Whilst much of the current cyber publicity is garish and smacks of scare tactics seeking to drive the sale of cyber risk prevention products and services, any sober assessment suggests that the incident of cyber issues is on the increase and the damage incurred and associated cost of dealing with the fall-out can be very significant.” Gerald Moor explains. As a matter of plain commercial prudence, businesses should at the least consider whether they are subject to a cyber risk, both on an insider and external threat basis, and assess the practicalities of adopting some proportionate and appropriate measures to address the same. As always, it is very much easier and cheaper to implement a policy given time and planning as opposed to having to undertake a crash dive to meet a regulatory time table or, worse still, to sweep up the pieces after an incident.”

Following receipt of the ISO 27001 accreditation, The Inkerman Group has been added to the ‘Register of Information Security Assured Businesses.’